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In 1998 this album the third and most powerful release of she la cantessa di rock of the finest of the new generation of guitar-rock singer-songwriters in our age came forth as potential and promise fulfilled. Her previous albums DUE PAROLE and CONFUSA E FELICE captured hearts and stirred souls with a burning angst and rock torment as displayed within the brilliant depths of her second album Confusa e Felice. This is the album that transcended and transformed Carmen Consoli a solo name of a rock star into Carmen Consoli a holistic band of pure perfected power chord unified genius set to a constant call-to-arms bass drum that drives the walls of awesome guitar chords like piloting a powerful jet engine. Coupled with the ever heartfelt and often furious soul wrentching vocals of this Sicilian rock angel from a wall-of-guitars heaven. Experience this superb album and then go onto to her most recent STATO di NECESSITA an album that covers both this rage and much softer sweetness within a single package. MEDIAMENTE ISTERICA is positive hysteria and never average even the experience of life's moments of averageness gain a hysterical excitement in this the AVERAGE HYSTERICAL /HYSTERICAL AVERAGE...MEDIAMENTE ISTERICA...Carmen Consoli's most aggressive album. THE truly great guitar rock album of the late 90's.

Titolo: Mediamente Isterica [IMPORT]
Editore: Plygr
Autore: Carmen Consoli
Lingua: english

Realizzazione: Studio Scivoletto